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What country dominated 16th century “new world “exploration?


What animal, Brought to the Americas by Europeans, transformed native Americans plains?


The  ______ was a joint-stock company chartered by King james I to enrich England?

Virginia Company

The 1st Religious tolerant English colony was?

Rhode Island

The root Cause of the Pequot War was that the puritans wanted native American?


______ was a Dutch Colony older than Massachusetts Bay?

New Netherland

______’s war occurred Because certain native Americans resented some puritans efforts to convert them To Christianity?

King Phillip

Captain ______ Saved Jamestown colony by compelling labor and strict discipline?

John Smith

George Whitefield and ______ were two of the most important figures of the great Awakening?

Jonathan Edwards

Nathaniel Bacon led newly freed indentured servants onto the Virginia frontier to clear Out?

Native American’s  

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