First World War causes and consecuences

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Imperialism: Great War” was a war between the “Great Powers” of Europe and the empires, Ottoman Empire (Turkey) joined the war in 1914, , Japan Joined in 1914 and the USA in 1917.key nations ruled over vast empires, So the war was worldwide, but centred in Europe. Imperial rivalries, France And Britain were bitter rivals in North Africa, France objected To Germany interfering in its interests in North Africa. Disagreement Between France and Germany, when Germany annexed the region of Alsace-Lorraine/ Russia had a colonial empire in Asia, this was a threat to Britain and japan, but they battle together in wwi.

Imperialism/Industrialisation Rivalry over trade and markets: all powers In Europe experienced considerable growth in industry, this was a key military Improve because they improve: Transport of troops and supplies, railway, iron And steel… To protect their industries, many countries introduced tariff Barriers, no doubt that the desire for economic gain could incite war. Austria’s Invasion of Serbia proved to be the trigger for the war.

Nationalism: Great Britain- an island empire (problems), Unemployment, strikes, riots… and The Irish problem, since they wanted to become independent, Germany- a new empire, young country Created in 1871, Population Grew from 49 to 66 million between also important economic growth and also Military development, Kaiser Wilhelm II made Germany a world power, problems: Workers Discontent, Trade unions, Strikes, Growth of the Socialist Party, Russia a giant Empire: one of the bigger and poorest in the world, the freeze made sea Transport impossible, all this made Russia hard to govern, Tsar Nicholas II in Russia want to made: expand border toward Mediterranean and a railway, Problems: Many subjects believed in democracy, Workers in the cities: very poor living Conditions, Mainly peasants (80% ) close to serfdom and starvation, Austria-Hungary-a patchwork empire, Multi-national And multi-linguistic country, was very hard to govern, and many wanted Independence, France as a republic:Big country, with fertile land, low productivity, Defeated by Germany And lost of Alsace and Lorraine, and cultural influence, France was a republic Ruled by Poincare and wanted revenge to Germany.

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