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Assembly line: System of production using A moving belt, in which each worker repetively completes one part of the Production process.Alliances: Formal agreement between two or more countries to Cooperate.Abdicate: Give up the title of monarch or emperor.Armistice: Agreement to stop fighting.Bolshevik: Russian word meaning “majority”.Consumer society: Society in which the Buying and selling of goods and services is the most.Colonise: Take direct control of a region or country.Consumerism: Desire to acquire more and more goods; it is also Beneficial to the economy.Communist: Based on the ideas of Karl Marx; describes a person or Political party which advocates the dictatorship of the proletariat, the Elimination of private property and a society in which everyone is equal.Dictatorship: Non-democratic system of government in which one Person has all the power.Expansionism: Designed to increase a country’s influence and expand The amount of territory that it controls.Emigrant: Person who leaves one country to live in another Country.First World War: Military conflict that Lasted from 1914 to 1918, also know as the Great War.Front: Zone where the fighting is taking place; also the area Where the territory controlled by one side meets the territory controlled by The other side.Imperialism: Domination of one country or people by another, Usually involving direct control.
Consumer society: Society in which the buying And selling of goods and services is the most important activity.Investment: Money put into a business with the expectation of Making a profit.Inmigration:  General term For the movement of people from other countries coming to live in a country.Light bulb: Grass bulb which provides light when an electric Current passes through it.Loan: Money that is borrowed and which must be paid back, Usually with interest.Menshevik: Russian word meaning “minority”.Means of production: All the Productive resources of a society, such as land, capital, factories and Machinery.Neutral: Impartial, not supporting any side in a war or Dispute.Raw material: Basic substance from which a product is made.Racial segregation: System of separating people Defined as belonging to different racial groups.Rationing: Limiting the amount of certain goods that people can Have when there is a shortage.Repression: Use of violence or the threat of violence to stop a Particular activity or political movement.Rivalry: Competition for superiority.Soviet: Russian word meaning “council”.Suffragette: Woman who participated in the movement for women’s Suffrage.Share: Portion of a company’s value.Stainless Steel:  Form of steel which is resistant to Oxidisation.Stock Exchange: Place where shares are Traded.Trench warfare: Type of fighting in which There is a little movement on either side; both armies.Tsar: Title of the Emperor of Russia.War-guilt clause: Section of the Treaty of Versailles in which Germany accepted responsibility for starting the First World War.Women's suffrage: Women's right to vote in Elections.Work-force: Collective term for workers.

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