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1. Every day, Trump is the center of the news as he has initiated a political debate in Which he has been responsible for generating controversy every time he makes Public statements, not taking into account that each of these statements are Orders that violate multiple rights in many parts of the world. In his words, He said that it would "unite the civilized world against radical Islamic Terrorism, that we would eradicate it from the face of the Earth." (Trump, Times). 

The arrival of Donald Trump to power is a challenge for international Relations. His vision of a new future for the United States will redesign the International system. A system that began with the end of the Cold War and Which, in general, is based on free trade, democracy and human rights, but all This has been transformed, through the actions of Donald Trump that affected in Great measure global behavior, initially these orders were thought to win the Worst presidency have already begun to cause concerns inside and outside the United States. As time passes, harassment and persecution of migrants, Refugees, Latinos, Muslims, members of the LGBT community, human rights Defenders, and organizations is growing day by day in a disturbing way.

Most Americans believe that President Donald Trump has little or no Respect for the country's democratic institutions. (James Comey, 2014)

2. An example of the Orders I have issued in recent days that I can mention is the law that drives States to stop funding organizations that provide abortion services, which Means that women who violate the right they have and women who do not have the Resources would stop receiving services around the world. Another offensive Against women's rights is the decision to eliminate aid and incentives at work, Not to guarantee equal pay and eliminate protection at work in case of Harassment.

3. It also decided to Eliminate its involvement in cooperation with environmental protection, thereby Stopping efforts to address climate change in the United States and even Eliminating measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump Argues that the United States "needs all forms of energy available in the US" Or "there will be a serious risk of falls and blackouts" (Trump, 2017) this measure will have serious consequences for the world, taking Into account that 85% of scientists say that there is no denying the existence And that the model of current industrial sectors seriously affects climate Change.

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