We shouldn't worry too much about your physical appearance. Do you agree?

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Charming:encantador-competitive:competitive-generous:generoso-jealous:celoso-lazy:vago-proud.Orgulloso-selfish:egoista-sensible:sensato-sensitive:sensible-strong:fuerza-stubborn:obstinado-talkative:hablador-thoughtful:considerado-unpredictable:impredecible-vain:presumido-fall out:enfadarse-get on with:llevarse bien Con –look up to:admirar a-make up:reconciliarse-pick on:meterse con..-put up with:soportar-tell off:regañar-turn to: recurrir a-abandoned:abandonar-cub:cachorro-endangered:peligro extincion.-furry:peludo.-handler:cuidador de animals.-rescue:rescate.-battle:batalla.-independence:independencia-intimidate:intimidad.-peace:paz.-rule:regla.-violence:violencia.-difference:diferencia.-diversity:diversidad.-happiness:felicidad.-sadness:tristeza.-tolerance:tolerancia.-violence:violencia.-assist:ayudar.-attend:asistir.

First conditional:if+present simple,will + infinitive ej: the dog will Be really happy if you take him…

Second conditional:if+past simple, +would+inf. Ej:if I needed help with a Problem, I would turn to my friends.

Will for promises:I will be home by  11.00 tonight/we wont be late again

Unless=if not. Ej:unless we leave now,we will be late=if we don’t leave now,we Will be late

                       ARE YOU A GOOD STUDENT?

The aim of this survey is to Help you know if you are a good students or no. Just answer each sentence with “true” Or “false” and find out what the answer mean at the end of the survey.

1.If you have A very important exam the next weeks. Are you worried?  Agree  Disagree

2.Unless I pass The exam, don´t worry.   Agree  disagree

3.Usually I Get good punctuation in the exams. Agree disagree

4.I usually Study every day.  Agree disagree

5.When I study I have the mobile phone.   Agree disagree

If your answers are mostly “disagree”. Then you will probably a bad student and you don’t worried about anything. If your Answers are mostly “agree” you will probably be good students and a responsable Person.

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