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Dear Sir or Madam , / I am criting to complain about a meal I had in your restaurant. I was there last Saturday With my family./ The problems began when we arrived because i had made a reservation for 9 o'clock and the table was available until 9.30 . Then , when we were able to sit down , the waiter who took our order was very rude . / Firstly , I would like to point out that it is unacceptable for customers to wait for half an hour to be seated even though they had made a reservation. Secondly , the restaurant manager is responsible for making sure that the service is friendly. / To sum up , I hope that you will look into this matter so that in the future , your customers will not have cause to complain . Moreover , I am sure you will agree that I should get a full refund. / I look forward to your reply . 
yours faithfully, Miriam garcia 

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