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DYV Nowadays, a controversial topic in our society Arises when wondering ourselves whether to t…In fact, there aren´t two people who think The same way about it, since this issue has both advantages and drawbacks.  /On the one hand, it is undeniable that t…will Positively affect (afectara positivamente) as you will… Besides you Will become …which will enrich you. / The other Side of the coin is that t… implies (afectara)…, not to mention the fact that Last but no least,… although … / Once we have analysed the different pros And cons that can be associated to this topic, and although both sides can be Easily justified, in my mind’s eye, …  is something that can be positive and improve Your life // has too negative aspects for me, so I wouldn’t like to try it OE Nowadays, a very Controversial topic in our society arises when wondering ourselves whether to t… Nevertheless, from where I stand, this possibility Will provide you with countless enriching/ Detrimental aspects to be mentioned. /First of all,A striking example is ... Apart form these, homesickness will contribute to makemore difficult / Last but no least, should also be considered on the grounds That …. Besides, so … can result in frustration. / To conclude, As far as I see it, t must be taken carefully, as it has many drawbacks which could change Your life for better/worse.

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