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1.A. Teenagers take refuge in drinking because they face up to difficult emotional Situations. T(12,13) T(7,8) ca

2. A. Greater the risk of becoming an Alcoholic./ …mates So I …./ some Teenagers, who have problems with their parents, consume alcohol and drugs./ he had Taken drugs

3. A) curiosity b) addiction c) Encourage d) abusing e) blame


1. A She has a unique style, brings Different music, and her global success has been amazing.T (5-6), T(18-20)a, c

2. A)- What has garnered her numerous Achievements? / She was Named both the “2010 Artist of the Year” and the top selling artist of 2010 (by Billboard)/- Lady Gaga, who is #1 on Twitter with over 9.5 million followers, is one of the Biggest living people on Facebook with over 33 million 'likes/.' We would have gone to Lady Gaga’s Concert if she had come to Spain.

3. – nominations, Performance, release, followers,  Estimated 

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