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1.The Optimal use of a variable inputwhen The marginal revenue product equals marginal factor cost

2.In which range of market share – 30% to 85%

3.Which of the following is not usually a source – a firm may have a large marketing budget

4.Before launching a new type – sensitivity analysis

5.The type of economic indicator – leading indicator

6.Which of the following is not part of the four Step – developing internal

7.In which model is the new forecast equal – first order exponential

8.An oligopoly is – a, b and c

9.XYZ Inc. Has successfully adopted – allocatievly efficient, techniqually Inefficient

10.One explanation for the recent – regulation prohibited

11.Rex tillerson – align his incentives

12.Some firms profit –

13.As a percent of U.S GDP exports – have increased in recent years

14.Generally, investors expect – high risk

15.In the case of pure monopoly – a and b only

16.Dummy variable can be incorporated – seasonal effects

17.Which best describes the Chinese economy since 2000 – high growth from 2000-2010, Moderate growth since 2010

18.OPEC’s long-term sustainably – Saudi Arabia’s willingness 

19.As a percent of U.S GDP exports – have increased in recent years

20.The main difference between pure competition – the degree of product

21.Which of the following is not an assumption law Of one – no exchange

22.Which of the following would tend to make demand inelasticthe proportion of the budget

23.A reduction is gasoline prices – contain one error, the lower gasoline Prices would cause

24.When government licensing - rent seeking

25.Without effective managementshirk

26.Corporate managers who are – principal agent problem

27.All of the following are criteria used to select Forecasting except – the time required

28.In the shareholder wealth maximization – profits (cash flows)

29.The cost-based strategy – focused cost

30.The law of diminishing marginal returns – none of the above

31.Which of the following is not a product Differentiation strategy – conducting an Industry

32.What are the two essential characteristics – non excludable & non depletable

33.If the board of regents – inelastic

34.In the U.S breakfast cereal market – concentrated

35.At a price of $5 Sam buys – Sam’s quantity demanded has decreased, and his demand

36.Risk is best defined as – the potential variability

37.In the cournot duopoly – output

38.A decrease in the price of a good would – increase the quantity demanded for the good

39.All of the following are criteria used to select Forecasting except – the time required

40.Even ideal – firms can benefit by secretly selling

41.Which of the following not one of porter’s five – threat of collusion

42.Milton Freidman – the social responsibility of business is to increase its profit

43.The marginal rate of technical – the rate at which all combinations

44.A three sigma event – a & b

45.Barometric price leadership – one firm is the industry initiates

46.Possible goals of not for profit – maximize total costs

47.When property right properly defined –

48.The paper market in Scranton – contestable

49.Which of the following is true about both short And long run – all of the above

50.ABC, Inc. Has contacted – transaction risk exposure

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