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Whoul you live in a foreing country? Explain why.

From my Point of view, as i see it living in a foreing country depends on the situation Why you are going there.

On a one Hand, if you are going there in order to work, since you have already got the job, you will have new posibilities to meet people and to learn a new language. Moreover, you can live better than in your oun country.

On the other Hand, if you are going there to find a job, the situation changes. You start Your new life with nothing, without a job, a place for living or a wedge which Bet you live comfortable there. Forthermore, you are far away and many times You will feel alone, without your family support.

Having said This, living in a foreing country must be thought before going there. It could Be marvellous or the worst experience in your life.

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