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1-I’m giving up eating chocolate tomorrow.

Mary told john that she was giving ul eating

chocolate the next day.

2-You catch the cold so easily!

Mary told john that he caught the could so easily!

3-They forbade smoking in bars 10 years.

M.T.J.That they had forbidden smoking in bars 10 years ago.

4-My mother was cooking tonight when the pot fell.

M.T.J that her mother had been cooking that night

when he pot had fallen.

5-She has been learning English since last summer.

M.T.J that she had been learning English since the summer before.


2-Can you help me today?

John asked mary if she could help him that day.

3-What would you do about it next week?

John asked mary what she would do about it the next after.

4-What did we do with our books yesterday?

J.A.M what they had done with their books the pronouns day.

6-What’s your name?

J.A.M what was her name

7-Have you ever drunk tequila?

J.A.M if she had ever drunk Tequila


1- Give me my books now!

Teacher ordered to children tl give her book at that moment.

2- please don't chew my pen!

Teacher asked to children not to chew her pen

3- Don’t speak with your mouth full!

“ “ “ not to speak with their mouth full

4- Please don't make a noise!

“ “ “ not to make a noise.

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