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PRESENT SIMPLE: am/is/are+ pp                                     

PAST SIMPLE: was/were+pp

FUTURE SIMPLE: will be+pp

MODALS: modals be

PAST CONTINUOUS: was/were being+pp

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: am/is/are being+pp

PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE: have/ has been+pp


WHEN (time)



WHICH (things/ de la cual cosa)


WHOSE(possessive/ cuyx)

PRESENT SIM: always,usually,generally,regularly,occasionally,frequently,often,
sometimes,rarely,seldom,never... At 1 o'clock, at night, in the morning, on Fridays, every week, once a month,how often...?

PAST SIM: yesterday, last week, year, two days ago, in 2007, in the 1980's, in the 18th century, when,then

FUTURE SIMPLE: this evening, in a hour, at 2 o'clock, later, tomorrow, next month, year, soon, in a few month, in the furture, on 1rst May.

MODALS: cant/can't, beable to,must/mustn't, have to/need to,don'y have to/nedeen't, should/ought to, may/might, could

PAST CONTI:last night, week, year, at 4 o'clock, when,while,as

PRESENT CONTI: now,right now, at the moment, this year,at present, today,these days,this month,this evening,tonight,tomorrow,next friday,week,year.

PRESENT PERF SIM: never,ever,already,just,yet,recently,lately,how long..?, for,since,in, recent years

PAST PERF SIM: already,by the time, after, before, until,never, just.

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