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Poe's stories – even his humorous tales, even his detective stories – are populated by amnesiacs and obsessives, by people doomed to remember what they desire only to forget, and are told be madmen and liars and lovers and ghosts.They are powered by what remains untold as much as by what Poe tells us, each of them split and shivered by a crack as deep and as dangerous as the fissure that runs from top to bottom of the gloomy house inhabited by Roderick and Madeline Usher.If you have no taste for the Gothic, then Tales of Mystery and Imagination is not the book for you;but if you're prepared to put your rational mind on 'hold' and accept the world that Poe invites you into … you can easily get lost in the dark web he wove.He was a man who knew how to mess with your brain – how to plug into your most primitive fears and ratchet up the tension to snapping point.

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