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INTRO: The methods used by these two societies to control their territories contribute to their accomplishment. While the Achaemenid Empire used a different method to handle their foreign issues compared to the Han Dynasty, both empires used similar systems to control their territories such as dividing their empires into districts and developing a road system.


  • From the Pacific Islands
  • peace loving man but ambitious to become a leader
  • mad a plan of building a large seaworthy canoe and sailing it to a new land
  • showed what a strong leader would do and persuaded relatives and friends to be apart of his mission
  • faced a weakness which was not knowing what they were up to; in this case, the strong winds and fierce ocean
  • with a strong voice to make teamwork and be seen as a leader, was able to accomplish his task and make it to a new land after days fighting the ocean
  • divided the land with his team evenly and from this new land now wait for it to be populated 

Han Wudi

  • 7th emperor of Han Dynasty
  • Emperor Han wanted a controlled, maintained empire and split it into 30 provinces (like states)
  • followed confucianism for a simple way of life and a way of governing
  • started a school to teach future administrators the confucian classics
  • He sent his officers to other provinces to implement his policies and maintain order
  • He levied taxes on agricultural,goods, trade by creating the silk road
  • Imperial expansion, had the biggest expansion of Chinese history

DIFF:CYRUS-Han Wudi, an emperor of China, pursued a policy of expansion and had a great desire to expand his territories further.  He ruled both these lands through a Chinese-styled government, a centralized government that relied on Legalist principles, and imposed Confucian values. Even though the Han dynasty forced their own values on the people they ruled, the outcome was that their territories were still under their control.

Cyrus the Great

•inheriting the empire of the Medes, Cyrus first had to consolidate his power over Iranian tribes on the Iranian plateau before expanding to the west.

•proved to be a tough wily leader because of out standing military strategist. 

•created the first Persian empire. (Achaemenid Empire)

•548 B.C. He controlled under his power all of Iran 


•strong economy

•raise a rebellion against his Median overlord and defeated him over a period of 3 years

•expanded from India to boarders of Egypt 

•Cyrus the Great respected the customs and religions of the lands he conquered

•consciously putted a policy of toleration in administrating his vast multicultural empire

DIFF:HAN-In the Achaemenid Empire, the rulers respected the values and traditions of the people they ruled. Cyrus and Darius, past rulers of the Achaemenid Empire, followed a policy of toleration to ensure that the people of the empire would not rebel against them and create internal problems.

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