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3-Muchaell Asked jack if he was coming to the party

5-By 5.30 The children will be at home

6-I  advised him  To work harder

7-Nobody Has been arrested yet.

8-You don´t Need to bring food

9-she must Have heard the news

11-It was Said by the weather forecast  that it may Rain.

12- The Students who graduated from high school  Last year came to pay us a visit yesterday.

13- The environment, Of which we should take better care, is badly damaged.

The advantages that we Can obtain of receiving education are great, the education serves to you for The future.Para to obtain a better work, to be supported you or if it is that You want to form a family, help that the society will receive you better Because you will have a better vocabulary with which you will be able to Express yourself, also it helps to have Faith, to you allow to know what you Are and where you can come, Liberate, You can take your decisions. awareness:, To distinguish between the good and evil

The Disadvantages are small, one of them is that we all are educated by the same Laws and customs.

The Education makes us be better persons.

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