“Young people are all fashion victims”.

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- It is very usual among young people buying items just because of their brands. Shops and marketing focus their efforts on promoting these brands. In the one hand, buying brand names is a way of improving your social image. Also, buying well known products is a good option. If you are looking for quality. On the other hand, brand shopping is much more expensive. Adquiring low cost products is better for your economy. You can save money and use it so for better plans than buying clothes. Its true that brand names products can be more fashionable and even poshy. However, money is important too.
- Nowadays our life expectancy is about 80 years. Decades ago expentancy was shorter, around 60 years. It is dear that medicine development has helped us a lot. In time coming we hope to live more than 100 years. On the one hand it will be great living up to 100 years old. We will be able to live in very different ways. We will have time to do a lot of things and try new inventions. In the other hand, we dont know if living so much time will cause us new health problems such as alzheimer or dementia. And maybe it will be hard to pay the costs of elderly people. In my opinion, i want to live as much as possible, Im sure they will invent something to keep people sane in old ages.
- From: carlos@ .. To: Pepe.. Subject: Surfboard bargain. Hi pepe, These are mu most exciting days! At last, Im going to get a real surfboard. Do you remember Duza? Yep, the one who hand an awesome Rip CUrl surfboard! He has had an accident and has lost his legs. So he is noe selling his board really cheap. I had saves money becayse its a cool surfboard. We will meet to boy the surfboards. He doesnt have legs. So, I will take advantage of his paralisis. When he is arriving, I can run away the board. Eventyally, i will be able to surf with my surfboard.It turned out to be (resulto ser) All in all(en general) As a result(Por lo tanto), Such as(como..Ejemplos) its a fact that, As soon as(tan pronto como). 

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