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The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

The Internet is a technological invention of the twentieth century That has truly changed human lives in many aspects. Nowadays, distance has been Shortened and communication improved thanks to this technological tool. In this Piece, weaknesses and strengths of this topic will be developed.
Those who are in favor of the use of the internet point out many advantages. To Begin with, a great amount of information is available with just one click. That is to say, Internet allows the world to be in contact with the latest Current news. Another advantage is that virtual communication has been Enhanced. No matter where someone lives, he/she can be in touch with people From wherever they would like. Furthermore, the use of Internet has made Shopping easier. There are many sites on the internet to shop without leaving The house or the working place.
On the other hand, there is a growing body of criticism to using the internet. Many opponents advocate that as personal information is available on it, the life of Internet users can be at risk. For example, criminals can use this Information to get in touch with their victims and commit murderer or Harassment. Another disadvantage is that there is always the possibility of Being deceived by the sites selling products. They can be of a lower quality or Even not arrive at customers' addresses at all, although being paid in advance. Last but not least, hackers are a threat to the computer system. They can steal Or erase all the information people have in their personal computers through Different viruses.
All things considered, it is true to say that the Internet brings along many Benefits to people's lives such as enhancing communication or allowing people To obtain products with no effort. On the other hand, further consideration of The topic shows that it has many drawbacks like the possibility of being Tricked or hacked

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