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1)1)has been studying /feel /have discovered /are told /should try. 2) show /wasn't /can't /make /didn't happen /were interviewed /seems /makes up o will make up(1rst cond) 3) Dr Edward who is an expert on Roberto Balcano,has written... /he had his first story publisted by the literary magazine Rebel Inc /It's not possible that he couldn't have comited... /May said that he had been to a thai festival where people threw water at each other. 4)Since 2009 we have been developing a new product /if she had told me the news,i wouldn't have known /the last seat had been taken /pete promised not to be late again /you shouldn't bring dog's in the Town Hall /Isla said"i have phoned him yesterday". 5)She asked if she could try on a pair of those jeans /if he hadn't made bad decisions,he wouldn't be have lost all his money /the last slice of lost had been eaten /she's the girl whose hair is pink /the teacher ordered the student not to shout in class /eating ginger may help fight off colds. 1) agreable /untrustful /signature /movement /fairness. 2)my friend offered to by me another drink /i advised my friend not to eat the curry because it was too spicy /Allie suggested watching a DVD /teacher invited the student to come into her office /detetician warned the patient to cut down on the amount of sugar in his didiet. 3) fried /takeawey food(comida para llevar) /cheap up(barato) /whip up(batir) /low fat(bajo en grasas) /tender(tierno,dulce) /pig cut() /revolting(asqueroso) /cut out(cortarse) /spicy(picante)

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