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Nowadays in the world and in our country the citizens are suffering the problems and effects that climate change produces. The temperature is rising little by little every year, the same happens with the level of  oceans and the number of illnesses that are produced by the sun are more and more.

We are in a dangerous situation, so we have to do something to change it, but what could we do to prevent this problem?

Firstly, we have to know some tips which are very easy and all of us can do (them) for example, we can (or separate our rubbish). If we do (this), we (will be able to) use the same products again after a tratament (no sé qué quiere decir esto, after their use, referido al uso de los productos???) Remember to separate paper, plastic and (glass) from the rest.

We are used to driving our car every day, so why do not we try to (leave) it in the garage and we take  public transport?

Secondly, the government is a very important part in society (muy bien no poner ‘the’ delante de society), so  (they) have to act, but how? For example, if citizens had a cheaper public transport system, they would use it more often.

In conclusion, I believe we are able to do more to prevent climate change, and we have to, as we have to keep the environment for next generations.

Improvements for the environment:
: Separate the garbage.
Use products that can be reused.
Turn off the lights.
Eat organic fruits and vegetables.
Avoid leaving the appliances plugged in.
Close the faucets correctly.
Move in public transport.

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