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Female Author:


The 1950-60s were years where women were able to voice opinions against gender bias within cultural and political aspects.

Plath intended Smith College which is private independent women's liberal arts college and later attended Newham College, a women’s only college at the University of Cambridge.

While she was a student, Plath spent the summer of 1953 in NYC working as a guest writer for Mademoiselle magazine.

This was shortly before her first suicide attempt at 20 years old.


The poem consists of 14 lines, and is otherwise similar to a sonnet.

Four stanzas, with four lines in each except the last.

Interruption of pattern may be purposeful.


Female Author reference to criticism and expectations held by the public for female authors.

Thesis: when one abstains from social norms, they are victim to criticism

“While suddenly the rains begin” syntax - author use parentheses to show social pressure on women. Rain is also a metaphor referring to criticism. She is left in a state of casualties. “She muses on the odor, sweet and sick” - metaphor sweet = enjoyment of women independence. Sick= criticism against women. “Retreats from gray faces crying from the streets”

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